100% Goji Juice 750ml



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Himalayan Goji Juice is made from the Goji Berry. With a naturally very high vitamin and mineral content, as well as health promoting Amino Acids and rich in antioxidants, Goji juice is an ideal supplement for all the family.

  • Packed with antioxidants, proteins and vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains numerous anti-aging properties
  • Goji juice may help to:

 boost the immune system
 protect and support the liver
 protect retina and maintain healthy eyesight with age
 Improve circulation, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol
 Strengthen muscles and bones
 aid weight loss - it is said to curb appetite as well as speed up the fat burning process
 relieve anxiety and stress
 Improve overall well-being; Often referred to as the happy berry, the goji berry is said to produce a feeling of calmness, happiness and peacefulness
 Increase energy levels – feel younger and healthier


Take 1-3 Fl. Oz (30ml-90ml) on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning