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Mangosteen is a natural source of powerful Xanthone antioxidants. Antioxidants help to neutralize and eliminate free radicals, and may help combat cancer and age-related degeneration of cells and body tissue.

Some commonly reported benefits of Mangosteen Juice include:

• Prevention of premature aging

• Facilitates weight loss and increased energy levels

• Increased flexibility in joints

• Reduced pain associated with common ailments

This Super-fruit supplement combines Mangosteen with other juices - Black Cherry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Elderberry and Blueberry to create an unrivalled healthy cocktail. Other reported health benefits include;relieves arthritis and gout pain, reduces kidney stones and gallbladder ailments, reduce cholesterol, supports urinary tract health, vitalizes blood circulation, maintain healthy blood pressure levels and a healthy heart, defends against symptoms associated with the menopause, maintains immune system function, helps prevents colds flu and asthma and other upper respiratory problems, maintains eye and vision health, protects against cell damage, may help alleviate migraines, helps defend against symptoms of diabetes.


Suggested Intake: 1-3 Fl Oz.(30-90ml) per day on an empty stomach