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H17-J01999 Noni Juice


For general well being. The Noni fruit is a tropical fruit having many health-beneficial properties. Works at cellular level. It contains valuable alkaloids, enzymes and plentiful other composites that have shown to stimulate your immune system, thereby aiding in cellular regeneration. Some reported benefits: • Analgesic: can reduce pain effectively, including joint pains and arthritic • Immune system booster • Stimulates 2 vital hormones; melatonin and serotonin. These keep your mood, sleep and emotions balanced • Hair and skincare – use it to rub into the scalp or skin, leave for 15mins and rinse off • Helps to prevent cholesterol absorption, helps to reduce plaque in arteries, therefore helping your brain to stay healthier • Good source of soluble fibre, minerals + vitamins that helps with constipation and IBS • Anti-fungal/anti-viral/anti-bacterial- helps your body fight infections Keep the following tips in mind to help you take your noni juice correctly for the best possible outcome: Tahitian noni juice should be taken on an empty stomach, and it works best when taken right after waking up. Wait at least half an hour before consuming food after taking your dose of Noni Juice Take two tablespoons of Tahitian noni juice every day. People suffering from illness can increase the dose initially and then reduce it back to a maintenance dose once they start to feel better. If you do not take your noni juice on a regular basis, you may not be able to enjoy its benefits. We recommend staying on Noni for at least 3 consecutive months in order to gain maximum benefit. Regular consumption of noni juice can help you heal from broken bones, cuts, and bruises much more quickly. It can also help you stay healthy during flu season.  946ml

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