H01-8516/120 Lamberts Glucosamine and Phytodroitin Complex*


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This product combines the hugely popular Glucosamine Sulphate with with another called Chondroitin Sulphate Whereas glucosamine is essential for maintaining healthy cartilage by promoting its formation and repair, chondroitin is thought to attract fluid into the cartilage and enhances its elasticity. It is also purported to inhibit the enzymes that break-down cartilage. This is a high potency formula of these two popular joint care nutrients . The tablets are made in the UK to pharmaceutical GMP standards.

This is a high strength supplement and the two nutrients are included at levels that have been used in clinical studies. It is worth noticing that a common practice with chondroitin supplements is to use preparations that are just 20% chondroitin. Therefore a supplement declared as '400mg chondroitin sulphate' is often just 80mg chondroitin sulphate. However, this Lamberts supplement uses 100mg of a 90% preparation to provide 100mg chondroitin, making this one of the best value products available.


Daily Intake: 1 Tablet 3 times

120 Tablets