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Oxy E Plus Silica contains 2.5 ounces of oxygen cellular enhancer (see Oxy E) and 1.5 ounces of pure silica solution. The Oxy E serves as a delivery system to transport silica into the cells. This formulation will facilitate soft tissue repair, including the lungs, blood vessels and the heart, as well as supporting bones, joints, hair, nails and connective tissue. Oxy-e contains an acid-based formulation of sea water minerals, dissolved oxygen, plant-based amino acids and plant-based enzymes. Oxy-e interacts with deuterium, a trace mineral naturally found in water, resulting in the creation of hydrogen and oxygen, as it splits the chemical bonds in the water molecules. What sets Oxy E apart from your typical oxygen supplement is that this reaction takes place inside the cells. Many oxygen producing products, such as hydrogen peroxide, vitamin O, or Aerobic 7, do not work intracellularly, which can contribute to free radical or oxidative damage in the body. Oxy E actually eliminates free radicals, by forming an oxygen molecule with a negative ionic charge, which then bonds with an O+ free radical molecule, neutralizing and stabilizing the molecule. Oxy E is able to flood the body with a steady supply of free oxygen, hydrogen, full spectrum minerals, amino acids and enzymes, while, at the same time, cleansing cells of toxins and lactic acid. In addition, Oxy E enhances absorption of nutrients as it is assimilated into the cells. Oxygen and Cancer: Low Oxygen Levels Breed Cancer...Increasing Cellular Oxygen Levels Can Kills Cancerous Cells 120ml