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H03-25730 BioCare Nutrisorb Zinc plus Ascorbate


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Zinc is an essential mineral which plays a key role in the normal function of the immune system

Zinc is involved in skin, hormonal, immune and reproductive health. Nutrisorb® Zinc is chelated to ascorbic acid for easy absorption. These liquid minerals are ideal for individuals with absorption difficulties or have difficulty swallowing tablets. Additional Information: Zinc is necessary for sense of taste and smell Zinc is required for insulin formation and activity Zinc is an antioxidant mineral, essential for many vital enzymatic processes Zinc is needed for healthy reproductive and immune systems, for tissue renewal, maintenance of the skin and for healthy bones and teeth Zinc helps maintain healthy liver function and releases vitamin A from the liver Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system Suitable for veterinary use as a food supplement for animals Suitable for children from 3 months and for the elderly Product Information per Daily Intake: Per 10 drops Vitamin C 100mg Zinc 7.5mg Ingredients: Purified Water, Zinc Ascorbate, Preservative (Ascorbic Acid). Allergens: No Allergen Suitable for Vegan Suitable for Vegetarian Suitable for children Suitable in Pregnancy Suitable in Breastfeeding Recommended Intake: 10 drops taken daily in water with food, or directly under the tongue, or as professionally directed. Suitable for children form 3 months of age at 5 drops per day and from 1 year at 10 drops per day. Warnings: If you are under medical supervision, please consult a doctor before use

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