H01-8222/60 Lamberts Chewable Calcium 400mg*


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With vitamin D and FOS; pleasant lemon flavour. If taken during teenage years will help maintain strong bones

Lamberts have used a special type of sweet tasting soluble fibre called fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) to sweeten these tablets. This natural material is extracted from chicory root and has the benefit of not causing tooth decay. Studies show that FOS can enhance the absorption of calcium. Calcium tablets can often be quite large so Lamberts have developed these pleasant lemon flavoured chewable calcium tablets to encourage everyday use by all the family.

This product is suitable for all ages. Many people's diets provide insufficient supplies of calcium, including 71% of female teenagers and a quarter of UK 4 year-olds. Calcium intakes of girls and women are of particular concern because achieving optimum bone density before the age of 30 will help to maintain strong bones in old age.

Each chewable tablet provides a full 400mg of calcium, 2.5µg of Vitamin D and 1000mg of FOS.


Daily Intake: children from 4 years upwards chew 1 tablet daily, adults chew 1-2 tablets daily

60 tablets