H01-8131/100 Lamberts Gentle Vitamin C 500mg*


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For sensitive stomachs - vitamin C in the form of calcuim ascorbate - a non-acidic compound. These tablets provide vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate which is a gentle, non-acidic form of vitamin C that is believed to be gentler on the stomach. Due to its acidity, vitamin C may cause slight gastic upset in those with very sensitive stomachs and so this product is ideal for anyone sensitive to vitamin C or who is taking large daily doses. Up to 3g of vitamin C can be taken using this product (6 tablets), and if this amount is being consumed we recommend that the tablets are taken spread out through the day. Each tablet also provides over 70mg of calcium, which can make a valuable contribution to an individual’s calcium intake. Daily Intake: 1-6 tablets 100 Tablets